Quarterback King combines the sport of football with the strategic moves of chess.  Played on an elongated checkered football field, the object of the game is for the offensive head coach to advance the quarterback for a touchdown, while avoiding capture by the defensive head coach.  By using chess-like moves assigned to the various positions, football and chess collide as the coaches try to gain control of the game, as shown in the diagram.

Quarterback King incorporates strategy and fun into a fast-paced game that can be played in about an hour’s time.  The game begins with the head coaches setting up either the offense or defense in a football formation according to the rules of the game.  (These are sample set-ups that could be used to begin the game.)


The offensive head coach moves one of his eleven pieces first, whether it is a lineman, tight end, wide receiver, running back, fullback, or quarterback within a thirty second time limit to start play according to the player moves assigned in the rules,.  The defensive coach moves one of his pieces next, whether it is a lineman, outside linebacker, middle linebacker, cornerback, or safety, as a counter move within fifteen seconds.  Because the offense plans, while the defense reacts, the offense is allowed more time.  Play continues with the offense and defense coaches alternating moves, until a scoring scenario occurs, the quarterback is sacked, or the offensive coach elects to punt.  At that point, the head coaches exchange offense and defense pieces, reset the formations, and continue play according to the rules. 

The quarterback is the only position who carries the ball, thus no passing is in the game.  (There are passing rules explained on the Quarterback King website.) The quarterback can move laterally and backwards any number of spaces to escape capture, but only one or two spaces forward or diagonally forward during a move to advance toward the opponent’s end zone.  In fact, the quarterback cannot even capture another piece, unless it is inside the opponent’s ten-yard line.  Once a piece is captured, it is removed from the game, allowing the offense or defense more open space to accomplish their objective. 

Upon a score or capture of the quarterback, the head coaches exchange the offense and defense pieces, continuing the game toward its conclusion with victory obtained or defeat agonized! 

Quarterback King is enjoyed by football fans of all ages, but boys ages 9-13 seem to enjoy it the most.  If you have a football fan in your family or circle of friends, Quarterback King makes for a great gift idea.  Get in the game, purchase Quarterback King today!